Daily Archives: May 31, 2016


Here we will present a variety of interesting games.

Today we will focus on eRevollution game that was released earlier this year. The game is still relatively young and developing very fast.

eRevollution is a browser-based massive multiplayer online game that revolves in a world similar to ours, where each player is a citizen of a certain country and has a role in it.

At start you choose which country you want to join and are set into the eWorld.

As in real life, you have to eat, so you can choose from creating a factory that produces it or buy it from market.

But of course, unfortunately just like in real life you need money for either of that, so you have to get a job and work for someone.


If you are not interested in politics, you can focus on military options and join military unit. With that you become a part of a group led by a military commander and captain, which give you a daily order, and when you complete it, you receive a reward.



However if you do enjoy politics, the game offers great options in that manner as well. If you are popular amongst players you can create a political party or you can join one. All members of that party then vote party president and country president. If you manage to become one, you can propose new laws and construct country’s economy in your way.



As countries are constantly in war, fighting for better resources, it is important that you fight for your country, and on the battlefield strength matters a lot. So don’t forget to train every day and get yourself some guns, tanks or helicopters from the market or make a company and sell these items to your fellow brothers in arms.


When you have completed all your daily quests and worked, you can prepare yourself some coffee and read what is new or start writing an article about your day – yes, that’s right, the game features even journalism.


Great thing is this game has a very active community. Like mentioned before players write articles about different things, post on public shout wall and help each other so you are sure to make some friends throughout the game.

Like in every other business nowadays, you can make faster progress by investing some real life money, and this game offers great deals with different payment options. Our site offers you to buy gold and advance faster with Paysafe card.