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Admin news 6.7.2016

Dear Citizens,

We are bringing you another update consisted from small changes that even further improve the game:

– There is a new damage update (coming on Saturday 11th June):

РDefense System is getting changed  and is no longer usable in Resistance War (coming on Saturday 11th June):

– Donation to countrys treasury requires you to be level 25 now.

– Captcha isn’t required for players above level 23 in messages anymore.

– Added my donations tab on profile page, that is only visible to you personally.

– You can now travel either by using gold or energy.

– Added True Ally rankings in rankings tab.
– Option to change salary of all workers with one click.

– Safety system when writing newspaper. If you click somewhere to change the site it asks you if you are sure about it, so you do not lose what you have written.

We would also like to ask you players what you think about the idea, that if you have a House activated, there becomes an option Rest, which gives you the ability to work again that day (usable once a day)?
Vote here: http://www.strawpoll.me/10420197

eRevollution Team